As we continue to hear “what happened?” the morning of April 13, 2007, Ken Andersen’s attorney, Rory Durkin, tells a different story of the events the day Chad Swedberg was shot and killed. He also was not there that morning.

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Mr. Durkin begins by telling the jury that Ken Andersen most certainly did not kill Chad Swedberg. He paints the long history of two best friends who became business partners, partied together, and helped each other through life. The prosecution never disputes these facts.

On the day of April 13, 2007, Don Berry and his wife heard a domestic call to the police on their scanner. The source? The Swedberg residence. At first one of the EMT’s swore to the same call. This was before the investigators put enough pressure for the story to change. When Ken Andersen talked to Chad that morning, he could hear Chad and Leslie arguing.

Rory describes how ludicrous it is to try an believe that Ken Andersen woke up, took a shower,  took a rifle down, waded through a muddy trail, killed his best friend, wadded back over to his house in broad daylight carrying a murder weapon, hide said rifle , made some phone calls, and wait patiently for a ride to get his taxes done, all without leaving a single track, print, or clue.

He reveals that state is going to show they don’t know the precise caliber of the bullets that killed Chad. Their expert thought it could have been a 30-06, and maybe a 150 grain or a 180 grain. The expert thinks it may have been a regular hollow point, or a Ballistic Silver Tip. In other words they don’t and still don’t know exactly what caliber and type of bullets killed Chad.

He relates the events of the search of Ken’s barn and the investigators finding the Tikka rifle in Ken’s barn. He also recounts how they do not match the bullets in Chad’s body.  Rory also talks about the latent palm print on the Tikka. Ken Andersen once owned the rifle and it is not s surprise his print would be on a rifle they find in his barn. They also find a print on the rifle that does not match Ken’s.  He speculates it could be a cop that handled it. We still don’t know.

Mr. Durkin states there is no DNA evidence to link to Ken to the syrup stand murder that morning. He sums it up by saying that he doesn’t know what happened that morning, but the evidence does not support the THEORY that Ken Andersen killed Chad Swedberg.

So what happened?

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