We are now going to hear from Leslie Fain,  Chad Swedberg’s wife. She actually was there that morning, but according to her was not at the maple stand at the time Chad was killed. Did she see Ken Andersen shoot and kill her husband? No, but she has a story to tell. Her testimony is quite long and at times tedious, but puts some puzzle pieces on the board.  Since it takes a while to read, I will not comment today, but will on Monday.

File0629     File0630     File0631     File0632     File0633     File0634

File0635     File0636     File0637     File0638     File0639     File0640

File0641     File0642     File0643     File0644     File0645     File0646

File0647     File0648     File0649     File0650     File0651     File0652

File0653     File0654     File0655     File0656     File0657

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