To continue to look at the facts surrounding the murder of Chad Swedberg, and the testimony of his secret wife Leslie Fain, we must take a look at one of the most curious events of April 13, 2007. Leslie gives in great detail the minute by minute events of that horrible morning from the time she awoke until she stood over her husband’s dead body calling 911 after Ken Swedberg told her to make the call.

One thing she did that morning was sit down and write a check to American Family Insurance for $543.95, doubling her “husband’s” life insurance policy (see below).


On the stand she answers the soft ball questions Zdrazil asks her in an attempt to see this act as logical and normal. Really? If you, the reader sits down and increases your home owner’s policy the same day your house burns down, would there be an investigation? I think so. You would probably go to jail for arson and fraud. The circumstantial evidence would be to hard to ignore.

Did Leslie Fain have something to do with her husband’s death?

We will probably never know, because the police in White Earth refused to ever see her as a suspect.  They only focused on Ken Andersen. In the transcript of the trial you read over and over again as the prosecution battles to keep evidence out and the jury focused on a case with no real evidence.

Did Leslie Fain have a motive to kill Chad?

Maybe. Plenty of people who knew the couple said Chad was having an affair. Will that alone be enough reason to get upset and shoot in the heat of the moment? Yes, most of the time.

Why did American Family Insurance Company pay so quickly and not investigate the murder?

I do not know, but I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply.

Why would Leslie wait two hours after hearing shots and no answer to her “husband’s” cell phone before she went to “check” on him?

So, what happened that morning? Ask her, she actually does know.

Here are a list of other odd things she said:

Leslie would not let the defense’s investigator on her property.

She went to a “dog psychic”

She says that Ken Swedberg cheated her husband on a family land deal.

She stayed clear of Ken Swedberg.

She has spent all the insurance money and did not pay off the house.

She recounts an argument between Chad and his brother.

On April 13, 2007, Leslie Fain never mentions Ken Andersen might be the one who killed her husband. WHY?

2 thoughts on “The Curious Case Of Leslie Fain

  1. Keep up the good work John the truth will come out yet and these people will get what is coming to them even the ones that lied.I sure hope all of you’s can live with yourselves I know I would never sleep at night knowing I put a INNOCENT man in prison.

  2. I knew the Swedberg family and I know Chad Swedberg since before Leslie was ever around and I can’t believe an innocent man in is in jail. Everyone knows this was a shady deal. The truth will come out one day and justice will be served. Kenny Anderson should not be serving a life sentence for something he didn’t do. He would never shoot his best friend in the back.

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