On the morning of April 13, 2007, we have learned Chad Swedberg was in a big hurry for only one reason. He had an appointment with Al Baker, who was a friend helping him work the maple syrup operation in the woods behind his house. Al was supposed to be there around 8 and they had plenty of work to do.  Chad told Leslie Fain he had to skip watching a TV show about wolves because he had to hurry and make a fire to start their work day. He knew Al Baker was on his way and he wanted to be ready.

So, what is Al’s account of what happened that morning?

Here is what he said under oath. I will comment on Monday.

File0658     File0659     File0660     File0661     File0662     File0663

File0664     File0665     File0666     File0667     File0668     File0669

File0670     File0671     File0672     File0673     File0674     File0675

File0676     File0677     File0678

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