Last Friday, I posted the testimony of Al Baker, the person Chad Swedberg was going to meet the morning he was killed. Here is a picture of where these two men had been working and the spot Chad was found dead.

File0004 (right click on the picture and rotate clock wise)

After reading Al’s account of April 13, 2007, I was left with some questions.

1. Why do you have such a hard time remembering? You were questioned over and over right after this happened. This was a murder, how can you forget even a small detail that occurred that day? What do I mean? You say “I don’t remember” 27 times. That is a lot of “short term memory loss” as you call it. Yet, you can remember the intricate details of the how the two of you built the maple syrup operation. 

2. You admit you were supposed to meet Chad at 8am just like he told his wife. On page 1782-1783 you back track hard on that fact, saying you only “planned” to be there at 8am. Isn’t that the same thing?

3. So, what did you do for 2 hours Al? 

4. Why didn’t you go to the maple syrup stand as you planned?

5. Why did you mail one of your guns to Alaska without letting law enforcement take a look at it?

6. Did Al Baker have anything to do with Chad Swedberg’s death?

7. Why did the court let him off the hook on so  many issues and not force him to give an account of what he was up to that morning?

Some insist Al Baker had an alibi that morning. Would someone please point that out from the court records?

5 thoughts on “Questions for Al Baker

  1. Baates # 001598 -nine minutes and 20 seconds of that interview are missing. It has not been transcribed. But it is on the recording. Why? He talks about receiving a phone call from “the killer”. Why was this not transcribed in the court records and why didn’t the prosecution bring this up at trial?

    1. It is very obvious Al Baker made the prosecution nervous putting him on the stand. They were very careful what they asked him and still got “I don’t remember” for an answer most of the time.

  2. Time does not allow me to read all of your posts. Please, I’d like to know where this murder took place, and was Al Baker from Alaska. You mention he sent a gun there. Thank you. Please check out the link I’ve attached. We have an Al Baker who is suspected of committing a murder here… Story includes some infidelity – as I think the story you are telling does too. It’s a long shot – but thought I’d ask. Thank you.

    1. This murder was in Minnesota. Al Baker’s daughter moved to Alaska and he shipped a gun up there. I don’t think it’s the same man. Thanks for reading.

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