Devon Green is a licensed EMT and at the time she testified at Ken Andersen’s trial, she was the manager of the White Earth ambulance service. Below  is the story she told about the true events of April 13, 2007. As we continue to put the pieces together of what happened, her story is a very big part of understanding what really happened.

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Now for a minute let’s believe that Devon is a professional person, who works in a job where the facts and details matter in  life and death situations. What I mean is she must be just a credible as Leslie Fain, Al Baker, or Ken Swedberg. Devon had been an EMT for 15 years and should be an excellent witness.

Devon Green says there were TWO 911 calls from the Chad Swedberg house the morning of April 13, 2007.

The first call was a DOMESTIC CALL. According to the national 911 datat base, this is short hand for domestic VIOLENCE. 

She says the call was cancelled and we have no more details thanks to the court shutting down this information.

Devon was first on the crime scene and tells us something else very important. Chad was dead, but laying in an odd position with one leg twisted, kind of like someone dumped him there in haste. The other odd thing was there was no sign of what killed him. There was no blood spatter, no gun smoke smell, no shells, no nothing. Only after cutting off several layers of clothes did Devon see the wounds.

Ken Swedberg told her he thought Chad had O-Ded on drugs. I find that kind of odd.

Mr. Zdrazil now goes to great lengths to now prove Devon Green is lying for some reason. He says there is now no record of that first 911 call. The prosecution does admit that the MCArthurs who are so vehemently testifying against Ken Andersen have access to the 911 computer system and the passwords to change the data. Why go try so hard to keep yet another testimony out of the trial?

Because if she is telling the truth, then Chad could have been killed by someone in his house and dumped at the maple stand. Is she telling the truth? I say she is. 

At this point Rory Durkin quits. The defense rests. He is beaten by the very system that is supposed to stand for justice and truth. This system of a judge, investigators, and police men know that Ken Andersen did not kill Chad Swedberg.

P.S.  Here’s a thought: The same jury that convicted Ken Andersen would have convicted Leslie Fain, Thomas Covington, Al Baker, or Ken Swedberg, if they have charged any of them with Chad’s murder. There is that 2+ hour they are unaccounted for around the murder scene and the suspicious things they did. There may not be proof, but if investigators would have got up in court and said “I think they did it”, one of them would be in Rush City, not Ken Andersen.

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