When the Becker County Attorney, Mike Fritz, decided to prosecute Ken Andersen for the murder of Chad Swedberg, he had one great big problem: MOTIVE. What would cause a jury to believe that murdering your friend would solve something so big, murder was the only recourse? As they poured over the two friends’ history, they found NOTHING that would be so serious as to commit such a horrendous act. Remember that not only are Ken and Chad life long friends, they are sometimes business partners. They help each other out.  Fritz finally settles on a long shot:  A STOLEN ATV.

2001 Yamaha Grizzly

Here is the testimony of Jeff Nelson, an investigator with the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office. I will comment on Friday.

File0705     File0706     File0707     File0708     File0709

File0710     File0711     File0712     File0713     File0714

File0715     File0716

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