Jeff Nelson,  an investigator with the Roseau County Sheriff’s Office, lays his hand on the Bible and says the following things.

1. He was assigned to look into a stolen ATV case on August 18, 2006, at  a pole barn being built. He says the call came in the night before (17th) and the deputies responded to the owner’s complaint that night. The crew building the barn (Ken Andersen, Chad Swedberg, Thomas Covington) reported missing some tools along with ramps.

2. The ATV was eventually found behind Chad Sweberg’s house on November 12, 2006.

3.  Nelson tells Chad that they found the ATV behind his house.  Chad tells him that the ATV was put there by someone else and they set up a “controlled call” to implicate Ken Andersen.

4. This incident is the cornerstone of the “theory” Ken Andersen killed Chad Swedberg over the ATV being blamed on him. The definition of a theory is “a proposed explanation whose status is still conjectural and subject to experimentation”. Becker County is literally experimenting with the idea that maybe Ken A. killed Chad S.  because of a stolen ATV. The judge allows this experiment to see if the jury has enough faith in the members of the court room to believe this. Why is it a theory? because they don’t have proof that is what happened. You just have to believe. The judge knows that if, and that is only if, the jury goes along with this happy horseshit, the Supreme Court will treat this theory as a fact and uphold it with no other proof.

5. Nelson says the ATV had a tribal sticker that was registered to Geraldine Bellanger, Ken’s mother. He says they found the stolen ramps on Frank Andersen’s property.

6. It was decided to charge Ken Andersen, and him only with the theft of the ATV.

7. Nelson states the Kenworthy’s were upset and angry over the theft of their ATV. He goes on to say that the Kenworthys, even though they were mad at Chad as well, were never investigated to see if they might have been involved with his murder.  He also says that Ken Andersen did not know that Chad would be testifying at his trial over the theft of the ATV.

Here is what we learn from Jeff Nelson: No one actually knows who stole the ATV. He ignores the obvious crime Chad committed by having the ATV on his property and the implications that come from that. He “thinks” Ken Andersen stole the ATV. There is no proof. Since this is the only motive the prosecution has dreamed up, I will show proof that Ken Andersen did not steal the ATV on Monday. Nelson has already said that Ken would not have known that Chad was going to testify against him unless he told him. The Kenworthy’s were never even looked at as possible suspects. Why?

One thought on “Jeff Nelson

  1. Wasn’t it Chad and Tommy who stole the 4 wheeler as Ken was in court that day in Mahnomen and that can be proved we need to get my son out of prison and put the real KILLERS behind bars I need your help as people are scared to tell the truth. WHY who are yuo’s scared of.

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