The motive the prosecutors used to convict Ken Andersen was that he murdered Chad Swedberg in order to prevent him from testifying against him about a stolen ATV in Roseau County.  In the days when they put Jeff Nelson on the stand, this motive was never established. Never.

1. On page 1959-60, Nelson states he only briefly spoke to Ken Andersen. Why? He goes on to say he did not talk about the ATV. Why not?

2. He does talk to Chad Swedberg about it, but only in an effort to implicate Ken Andersen. Why?

3. The ATV was found behind Chad’s house. No one saw Ken Andersen steal the ATV or put it behind Chad’s house. There is no proof Ken Andersen stole the ATV.

4. In the “controlled call” to try and trap Ken Andersen, he does not take the bait.

5. It makes no sense that Ken would need to murder his best friend because the case against him was very weak. Why? Ken Andersen had an alibi. He was in court the day the ATV was stolen. See below:

File0370     File0371     File0372     File0373

On August 18, 2006, Ken Andersen made his court date and was not even in Rouseau County.

6. It seems reasonable that Chad Swedberg, who was sweating bullets over severe money problems would have a bigger motive to steal something than Ken Andersen. He needed Thomas Covington to help commit the felony though.

7. On page 1986, Mr. Fritz mentions how the date Chad was killed (April 13) was only 2 days before the trial date of the ATV. Since Tommy Covington was involved in the theft, and  there was a domestic call to the Swedberg’s house the morning of the murder, is it not likely the tensions over the theft, money, and lies got boiling that morning and Chad winds up dead in his house?

Only those who choose to ignore these clues would not see the likely theory. Ken Andersen never had a reason to kill Chad.

Did Thomas Covington kill Chad Swedberg?

2 thoughts on “No Motive

  1. Do you have links to the fact that Tommy shot his cousin and he was involved with the theft?

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