As the investigation into the murder of Chad Swedberg only centered on Ken Andersen, they went searching him, his family’s houses and property multiple times until it became obvious they needed something, anything to arrest Ken and close this case. It became frustrating until they suddenly found a dusty rifle hidden up in the rafters of Ken’s barn. This should have been a slam dunk. Only it wasn’t. They went ahead and put him in jail, but as the forensic experts would soon learn, the rifle would shoot bullets that did not match the fragments in Chad’s body.

1. The rifle was “discovered” under very suspicious methods. Joe McArthur would tell Sue Swedberg that Ken was a “liar, a thief, he burned stuff, and he steals ATV’s” . The court would not allow any talk of bias from the McArthurs toward Ken Andersen which was the the truth. It’s hard to believe Ken would be dumb enough to keep a murder weapon when there were plenty of lakes around.

2. Still the jury watched Zdrazil hold up a rifle and lay it on the evidence table with a tag on it. Here is the report the prosecution’s experts conducted on the rifle.

File0144      File0145

3. These ballistic reports are pretty easy to read.  They fires bullets and examined the grooves and markings on them. There are six ways to report what the findings were: POSITIVE ID,  SOME MATCHING , SIMILAR , DIFFERENT, UNIDENTIFIABLE, NO EXAM.

4. The bullets were SIMILAR. This is like saying the suspect looks like a German, and since my looks are similar to a German then I am guilty. It doesn’t make sense does it. All of their experts got on the witness stand and said they tried hard to match them, but they don’t.

5. Still the jury sits there and looks every day at a rifle laying on the table they found in Ken’s barn. The FACT it wasn’t used to kill Chad Swedberg is somehow lost.

If you have read all the court documents on this blog, there has to be serious doubts that Ken Andersen killed Chad Swedberg. So, who did? Come back Monday and I will post the most likely theory. Remember that Mike Fritz took Ken Andersen to court on his theory, nothing more. 

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