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Ken Swedberg’s Words

On Wednesday I posted the words of Ken Swedberg, Chad Swedberg’s brother and neighbor, about the events of April 13, 2007. Let’s take a careful look at his account of that morning. Of all the ones who took the stand against Ken Andersen, you might think he would be the one who just wanted justice for his brother’s murder. 

After a detailed family history that includes the land deals the family was engaged in, Ken S. talks about the night of April 12. He says that Chad came over with Jesse Fain about 8pm to look at some maple syrup Ken S. had. He says they were just talking shop about the syrup business. He does admit they have argued and fought as brothers might do. Ken S. talks extensively about his bee business for a while as the prosecution gets around to the morning of April 13. 

Ken Swedberg says he got up early and went out to stir the syrup for 5-10 minutes and watched his daughter Megan get on the bus at 7:40am. He also sees Thomas Covington get on the bus. He was about to “take off” by tieing down his truck, and making some sandwiches. Now here is where it gets weird. The prosecution fast forwards two hours and twenty minutes ahead to when Leslie Fain calls him from where Chad lays dead. 

Ken, what were you doing for 2 1/2 hours? They prosecutor never asks. They go immediately into the arrival of EMT’s and Police Officers.

Ken Andersen actually does have an alibi and a blow-by-blow account of what he was doing that morning. It was verified by the investigators as they attempted to tear it apart. It seems very odd that the Police gave Leslie Fain, Al Baker, and Ken Swedberg a free pass when it came to the time from 7:40am to 9:58am. 

The next thing that occurs is they let Ken S. ruin the crime scene. 

Poor Mr. Durkin tries to ask about the conditions of the ground that morning, the strange way Thomas Covington was dressed, his hurry to catch the bus, and the death threats Covington made against Chad, but is quickly shut up by Zdrazil and the judge. 

By keeping tight lid on the information the jury could hear, the case against Ken Andersen was still extremely weak, and we still don’t have more answers as to what really happened that morning. We do have more questions. 

1. When was Chad really killed?

2. Where was he killed?

3. Why was he killed?

Ken Swedberg

As we continue to try and understand what really happened the morning of April 13, 2007, Chad’s brother Ken, takes the stand. Here is what he says happened.  His testimony is long so I will comment on Friday.

File0679     File0680     File0681      File0682      File0683     File0684

File0685     File0686     File0687     File0688     File0689      File0690

File0691     File0692     File0693      File0694     File0695     File0696

Questions for Al Baker

Last Friday, I posted the testimony of Al Baker, the person Chad Swedberg was going to meet the morning he was killed. Here is a picture of where these two men had been working and the spot Chad was found dead.

File0004 (right click on the picture and rotate clock wise)

After reading Al’s account of April 13, 2007, I was left with some questions.

1. Why do you have such a hard time remembering? You were questioned over and over right after this happened. This was a murder, how can you forget even a small detail that occurred that day? What do I mean? You say “I don’t remember” 27 times. That is a lot of “short term memory loss” as you call it. Yet, you can remember the intricate details of the how the two of you built the maple syrup operation. 

2. You admit you were supposed to meet Chad at 8am just like he told his wife. On page 1782-1783 you back track hard on that fact, saying you only “planned” to be there at 8am. Isn’t that the same thing?

3. So, what did you do for 2 hours Al? 

4. Why didn’t you go to the maple syrup stand as you planned?

5. Why did you mail one of your guns to Alaska without letting law enforcement take a look at it?

6. Did Al Baker have anything to do with Chad Swedberg’s death?

7. Why did the court let him off the hook on so  many issues and not force him to give an account of what he was up to that morning?

Some insist Al Baker had an alibi that morning. Would someone please point that out from the court records?

Al Baker

On the morning of April 13, 2007, we have learned Chad Swedberg was in a big hurry for only one reason. He had an appointment with Al Baker, who was a friend helping him work the maple syrup operation in the woods behind his house. Al was supposed to be there around 8 and they had plenty of work to do.  Chad told Leslie Fain he had to skip watching a TV show about wolves because he had to hurry and make a fire to start their work day. He knew Al Baker was on his way and he wanted to be ready.

So, what is Al’s account of what happened that morning?

Here is what he said under oath. I will comment on Monday.

File0658     File0659     File0660     File0661     File0662     File0663

File0664     File0665     File0666     File0667     File0668     File0669

File0670     File0671     File0672     File0673     File0674     File0675

File0676     File0677     File0678

The Curious Case Of Leslie Fain

To continue to look at the facts surrounding the murder of Chad Swedberg, and the testimony of his secret wife Leslie Fain, we must take a look at one of the most curious events of April 13, 2007. Leslie gives in great detail the minute by minute events of that horrible morning from the time she awoke until she stood over her husband’s dead body calling 911 after Ken Swedberg told her to make the call.

One thing she did that morning was sit down and write a check to American Family Insurance for $543.95, doubling her “husband’s” life insurance policy (see below).


On the stand she answers the soft ball questions Zdrazil asks her in an attempt to see this act as logical and normal. Really? If you, the reader sits down and increases your home owner’s policy the same day your house burns down, would there be an investigation? I think so. You would probably go to jail for arson and fraud. The circumstantial evidence would be to hard to ignore.

Did Leslie Fain have something to do with her husband’s death?

We will probably never know, because the police in White Earth refused to ever see her as a suspect.  They only focused on Ken Andersen. In the transcript of the trial you read over and over again as the prosecution battles to keep evidence out and the jury focused on a case with no real evidence.

Did Leslie Fain have a motive to kill Chad?

Maybe. Plenty of people who knew the couple said Chad was having an affair. Will that alone be enough reason to get upset and shoot in the heat of the moment? Yes, most of the time.

Why did American Family Insurance Company pay so quickly and not investigate the murder?

I do not know, but I have contacted them and am waiting for a reply.

Why would Leslie wait two hours after hearing shots and no answer to her “husband’s” cell phone before she went to “check” on him?

So, what happened that morning? Ask her, she actually does know.

Here are a list of other odd things she said:

Leslie would not let the defense’s investigator on her property.

She went to a “dog psychic”

She says that Ken Swedberg cheated her husband on a family land deal.

She stayed clear of Ken Swedberg.

She has spent all the insurance money and did not pay off the house.

She recounts an argument between Chad and his brother.

On April 13, 2007, Leslie Fain never mentions Ken Andersen might be the one who killed her husband. WHY?

The Words Of Leslie Fain

On Friday I posted the entire testimony of Leslie Fain, the woman who was secretly married to Chad Swedberg.  Here are some of the most obvious observations as we look back on her court room account of whty happened on April 13, 2007.

She begins over 100 pages of testimony by saying how nervous she is. I find that odd. If I was on the stand looking at the person who I think murdered my lover, and was getting to help put them away, I would feel a number of emotions. None of them would make me nervous, but that’s just me.

Ms. Fain says that Jesse left the house at 7:40 am, about the same time Thomas Covington ran to catch the 7:37 am school bus in his tee shirt.  Morningstar was still asleep, but she was unsure when Ann Fain left, but knew her son had to be at school at 8 am. She says that Chad was interested in a tv show about wolves, but was in a hurry to meet Al Baker at the maple cooker stand.  She says she rushes to call him back as the show is finally on, but he left anyway. Leslie says she watches the show for him as he had asked her.

Leslie said she heard Chad talking on his cell phone in the garage but does not know to who. When the show was over she went back online and then heard two shots. This is shortly after 8 am according to her testimony. She calls Chad on his cell phone but there is no answer.  Leslie talks to Ann Fain  and then calls again. She swears she is VERY worried but does nothing. Finally she takes a shower and puts on mud boots to go check on her husband. As she is doing this, the sound of a 4 wheeler is heard. Three days later she will sit with investigators   who work very hard to get her to say she did not hear a 4 wheeler, but Ken Swedberg’s honey machine.

I find this very odd. If you are seeking the truth, why go out of your way to make people who were actually there,  say a particular story to fit a certain theory. In the trial, Al Zdrazil goes on and on about several items that he does not like because he fears it might let the jury think someone else killed Chad Swedberg. This is one of those “things”. Now, I don’t know what difference it makes whether Leslie heard a 4 wheeler or a honey machine, but evidently the prosecution does and goes  on and on making sure that “4 wheeler” is now “honey machine.”  WHY?

Leslie Fain now goes in the woods to check on her husband after almost 2 hours from the time the shots were heard. This seems odd, knowing how most women would have been there right after the cell phone was not answering. Why wait for two hours? Why?

She encounters dogs and Chad laying in an odd position on the ground. Immediately she knows he is dead, but calls Ken Swedberg, not 911. Why? 

Ken Swedberg comes running with her sister. Her sister?

She calls 911.  Later she meets Al Baker in the woods.

Here is a list of the phone calls:

Chad received a call at 7:30 am.

Leslie called Chad at 8:13, 8:15, 8:27. 8:45, 8:56, and 9:55. After he does not answer 5 times, why wait an entire hour to call again? Why?

On the 911 call there are some parts that are inaudible, I will enhance this call later so you can hear all of it. She does go out of her way to scream “I don’t know what happened”, three times.

Leslie goes on the say she thinks there are demons on the reservation, along with such information as having no knowledge of any gun transactions between Chad and Ken Andersen. She adds that Ken Andersen did not supply any of the wood in their house either. Why is that a big deal?

Leslie says that Chad’s family and friends were all opposed to their marriage. Why? They thought she was a MONEY GRUBBER. This idea will rear its ugly head again when we get to the matter of Life Insurance.  She says there was a great deal animosity between Chad and his brother. She details their family land deals that greed seemed to prevail, and the honey business also was a point of contention. She admits that she argued with Chad over the missing honey jars he took.

Leslie says under oath that Chad and Ken Andersen were NOT best friends. The funny thing is that once a judge lets anyone say anything under oath in a court room, the words become like the Ten Commandments forever. When the State Supreme Court reads these words they have become holy and the only truth. Testimony becomes law like if it supports a conviction. However, if the accused says they are innocent, or if others bring testimony to the court room to refute the DA, these are  treated as lies and worthless. Only the “facts” prosecutors bring have any value. It’s a hell of a system if you are unlucky enough for them to indict you.

Now Leslie becomes hostile when confronted with earlier statements when she said they were best friends. Durkin repeatedly appeals to the judge to ask him for help to make her answer. She says “4 wheeler” twice making Zdrazil wince.

We now come to the issue of life insurance on Chad Swedberg. This is oddest or most damning part of this entire performance. In fact, I am going to devote all of Wednesday to this. Come back then.

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