Ground G

Candidates for political office love to say they will defend the Constitution and its precepts to the death. This sounds great but is mostly bullshit. One of the intents the writers and supporters were advocating was a rebellion against unfair treatment by tyrants with great power. Our courts have become a place for egotistical bullies to flex their great power and inflict fear on the lesser citizens. We are taught in history classes that we have certain “inalienable” rights that can not be taken away. The story of Ken Andersen shows that in practice that no longer applies. So, those of you that can crow the all the words of the Star Spangled Banner should join this cause and support the release of this innocent man. The courts have done more damage to our freedom than the terrorists ever will.

Here is Ground G, the last item on the list of why Ken Andersen, as an American citizen, should be granted a new trial. The Constitution guarantees it.

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When Ken was convicted of First Degree Murder he was given a life sentence, that he is serving in a maximum security prison. Under federal and state laws he is guaranteed an appeal. Ken pleaded for a public defender who in turn told him the court would not let his court appointed attorney see any discovery in his case.

The State Supreme Court of Minnesota continues to be fine with this. God Bless America!

Ken Andersen Did Not Get A Fair Trial

Wednesday’s blog posted the very long Ground F that is a critical list of how after Ken’s family and friends hired a very competent lawyer, Will Bulmer, he was left with a totally different lawyer, Rory Durkin, who was not as knowledgeable or passionate for his defense.

This would be tantamount to doing poorly in school, having a teacher all of a sudden who took great interest in you, and then seeing them leave and a different one who really didn’t care take over. The difference here is Ken’s life hung in the balance. The opposite happened for the prosecution as Mike Fritz brought in Al Zdrazil to help him.

Here are the list of irregularities that Ground F covered. The bottom line though is that this is mainly about money. Ken’s family and friends ran short of being able to buy a proper defense against the DA who had unlimited funds to pursue this case.

1. The Judge would not allow the defense to see the “discovery”, or what they had as far as evidence. 

2. When Rory Durkin took over the case he was unprepared to defend Ken. This was clear to the Judge and the DA. They knew they did not have to prove their case.

3. Durkin did not call several key witnesses and was caught off guard by the trial date. The Judge warned him he was unprepared but did nothing. A public defender would have done a better job.

4. Durkin was incompetent in cross-examining witnesses. He seemed to be on the prosecution’s side sometimes.

5. Durkin did not make a point of how Leslie Fain and others went back to the crime scene and made changes there.

6. Durkin botched his interview with Wanda Nelson who lied under oath. He repeated this same thing with Nicole Knudson.

7. Durkin could have easily destroyed the motive the DA gave by PROVING Ken did not steal the ATV in Roseau County. He did not even try. Leslie Fain admitted she knew Chad and Thomas went back and stole the ATV.

8. Durkin could have easily shown the jury the rifle in the courtroom did not kill Chad.

9. The wolf show was never verified.

10. Thomas Covington was left alone to join the Navy and keep his secrets.

11. The numerous photographs could have been used in an expert way to show Ken did not walk over to Chad’s maple stand that morning. 

In conclusion, Ken Andersen had a very ineffective defense and that is SUPPOSED to be grounds for a new trial. At this point the State Supreme Court of Minnesota disagrees and is satisfied with the trial. This is perfectly insane.

Ground F

Of all the failures of the criminal justice system in the trial of Ken Andersen, Ground F outlines the biggest. It is quite long so I will not comment until Friday.

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Ground E

For decades the movies have given us an image of what we believe our justice system aspires to be. To Kill A Mockingbird is a great example of a righteous lawyer who, in the racist deep south, stands up for a black man, wrongly accused. We feel great sorrow as he loses to an all white jury and the man is later killed. Gregory Peck, our hero, tries to stand up to a system that has went amok, where one of its citizens can not get a fair trial. We are still in that same era.

By now you can read a long list of reasons why Ken Andersen deserves a new trial. Yet, the State Supreme Court of Minnesota has chosen to ignore ALL of this in order to have to keep from admitting a local county court made a train wreck out of a trial. Below is GROUND E, where Ken protests the violation of his attorney-client privilege by recording his phone calls between him and his attorney and his investigator.

File0508     File0509     File0510     File0511     File0512

I did considerable research into this common practice jails have been doing for a very long time. Violating attorney-client privilege is not really a big deal in today’s American justice system. Almost every jail likes to do it, and will admit to the practice. Becker County Jail also had no problem admitting their love of recording all calls, and even were forced to lose a lawsuit worth over $100,000 for doing so. Their defense? “I do not believe a private investigator’s conversation is considered privileged.”- Captain Joe MacArthur. There you have it. In all most all the states, the police have a right to arrest anybody, put them in jail, listen to everything they say, and even lie to keep them in prison. 

My conclusion after my research is that if police must be unethical in order to get a win, then so be it. The judges don’t mind if their own break the law. But, if you are not one of them, then God help you. In Minnesota, you are out of luck.


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Ground D

Ground D continues to cover the Swiss cheese testimony of one Al Baker. The prosecution would have been better off to have never put this old guy on the witness stand. He opens the door to more questions with no answers given. 

File0506          File0507

The point being made here is that the jury was told that Al Baker had told the police all of his firearms were in his house ready for inspection, when they already knew he had shipped a rifle to Alaska. Should the jury have known this? Of course! Why does he need to send a rifle across the country right after Chad was murdered? His daughter needed a rifle to live in Alaska and couldn’t obtain one there? Sounds kind of funny doesn’t it? The point Ground D is making is that you can’t knowingly lie to a jury, PERIOD.

What I find more curious than the DA’s blatant violation of the law, is the possibilities this story opens. 

1. No one actually knew how many guns Baker owned. He says he owns two 30 caliber rifles when he actually may have had 5. Only he knows. 

2. Did he ship the rifle to Alaska because it was used to kill Chad? We will never know because the White Earth police never tried to find out. The only firearm they tested was Ken Andersen’s. They never tested any of Al Baker’s guns. Ken’s guns were not a match. Why? Because he did not kill Chad.

3. Why wasn’t a detailed inventory of the firearms in Chad’s house done to see if one was missing. Since firearm sales are registered, it would have easy to see if one was missing and if it was the one Baker shipped to Alaska. 

One only has to read portions of this blog to have enormous doubt that justice occurred inside this courthouse. The definition of doubt is “a feeling of uncertainty or skepticism”.