I want to say thank you to all the new readers who are helping spread the message that Ken Andersen is innocent of the crime he was railroaded into by a the Becker County DA. While I have been away the blog has, as of this morning, 2095 readers! 

If you have taken the time to read every single posting, then you are convinced that the picture above of Lady Justice is correct. She was blindfolded and could not see the overwhelming amount of truth that was in her scale. What now? The next thing that needs to be done, has to be done, is she needs to take off her blindfold and give Ken a new, fair, trial. On Friday I will begin to make the case as to the exact reasons why his trial was one of the biggest messes in US history. Those who are responsible should be ashamed and do something about this. Minnesota justice? That’s a laugh. Minnesota has used its power to put an innocent man in prison. See you Friday!

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