Ken Andersen has was wrongly convicted for the murder of Chad Swedberg legally by a court of law who ignored the facts and truth of the case. They even broke the law to get a jury to give him a life sentence while the true killer remains free to live in Minnesota and the ones who covered up the crime keep silent. I say let freedom ring for Ken Andersen and give him a new trial, one that is fair and does not ignore the facts. How can this happen? Well thanks to our fabulous American justice system that we go to war to defend, it is not very easy. If the true killer would come forward and confess right now, Ken would still be in prison. Once a jury puts someone there, they are royally screwed. I will show you the numerous grounds for an appeal to win a new trial that the State Supreme Court has already denied, as they most always do. Their chief function is to rubber stamp as many cases as possible because they never want to admit the courts are ever wrong. Because of this position, Minnesota has a higher degree of wrongful convictions. This does not bother the ones who do this at all. I will never understand that.

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The three pages above are GROUND A of Ken’s appeal.  We begin by hearing that Geraldine Bellanger, Ken’s mother was told by Ken and Lisa Swedberg that the morning of Chad’s murder, a blue pick up was parked in the driveway of Chad’s house. They believe it was Morningstar Bellcourt’s boyfriend’s truck. This was new evidence that was not presented in the trial nor was it part of Leslie Fain’s story that morning. It was not presented by Ken or Lisa Swedberg either. 

I personally find this testimony to be odd and strange that Ken Swedberg was telling this TWO years after his brother was murdered. Is he telling the truth when he says he believes this may be a part of how his brother died.  Was Ken involved in the cover-up of what really happened that day and making this up to relieve his guilty conscience? Was Morning Star’s boyfriend there and helping cover up what Thomas Covington did? If you are one of the 12 who voted to convict Ken Andersen, wouldn’t you like to know? You took a man’s freedom away for the rest of his life, wouldn’t you like to be sure?

8 thoughts on “Ken Andersen Deserves A New Trial #2

  1. I think some one got to the jury to just like they got to all the other people whp lied and who REFUSED to testify especially the person who told me he heard the 911 call that morning at 6:30.Why wasn’t he made to testify? We all know who got to him right.

    1. You are correct Geraline. The White Earth Police bent, broke, and mutilated the truth in order to convict Ken.

  2. From what I hear Al Baker had the same pick-up. He was known to be there that morning. Maybe it was his and he left to create an alibi. He returned at 10 that morning but he was sposed to meat Chad at 8.. That was the reason he couldn’t meet Kenny at his home.

    1. I think that is a logical explanation because we know Al was supposed to meet Chad and had no alibi for two hours. He may have used his pickup to transport Chad’s body to the maple stand. Still, Morningstar’s boyfriend was never interviewed as to his whereabouts that morning.

    1. I wish I had an email to contact u and send u a copy of just how incompetent of an attorney rory is. I searched for others who found him incompetent and found you. I think it would certainly make it easier to get a new trial based on ineffective assistance of councel

      1. I spoke to Ken today and told him about your message. He said there is another person in his unit that used Rory and is suing for Rory stealing his money. Ken said Rory is under investigation by the state right now. Please contact me at jkb817@gmail or 323-769-9608.

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