Here is GROUND C of the next set of facts that certainly show not only does Ken Andersen need to be retried, it also proves my own theory of what really happened. If you read “The Best Theory” on this blog, then this will make sense.

File0502          File0503     File0504       File0505

There are two stories here. One is how the Becker County DA, with the help of the wily law breaking of Al Zdrazil, withheld evidence in order to indict Ken Andersen. Once you can indict someone you are almost home free because the public holds that if you are indicted for murder, you must be guilty. 

In 1963, the US Supreme Court ruled in Brady v. Maryland, the prosecution can not with hold evidence that is material to either guilt or innocence. The DA admitted they did exactly that and the judge scolds them with a “don’t be doing that now, hear?”  That will not remedy the violation of the Brady Law. Only  new trial will do that.

The second story here is the mysterious actions of one Al Baker. About a year ago, I talked to Baker on the phone. He gave me specific instructions of how maple syrup is made. He also gave me some very strange ideas of why he thought Ken Andersen should stay in prison. He seemed to know very little of Becker County’s theory of the stolen atv and how Chad was shot.

Al Baker has never given a straight answer as to why he did not meet Chad at the maple stand at 8am. He gives several shaky accounts as to what he did for the two hours between and 8am and when he suddenly pops up on his atv along the trail to where Chad was murdered. Now I personally do not believe Baker was involved in Chad’s murder. Common sense would tell you he did arrive at around 8 bearing sandwiches and not seeing Chad went to his house, where he lies dead. 

I do believe that Leslie Fain talked Baker into helping cover up the real murderer and assist them in transporting his body out to the maple stand. When questioned about his many firearms, Al Baker admits to shipping one to Alaska for very weak reasons. I do believe he finished the cover up by getting rid of the murder weapon. This explains why the bullets and rifle used in Ken’s trial was not a match. They were not used to kill Chad. The murder weapon was in Alaska at one time, but the prosecution never took the trouble to go and find it. It will match the ballistics, that I am sure. Come back Friday for more.

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