Ground D continues to cover the Swiss cheese testimony of one Al Baker. The prosecution would have been better off to have never put this old guy on the witness stand. He opens the door to more questions with no answers given. 

File0506          File0507

The point being made here is that the jury was told that Al Baker had told the police all of his firearms were in his house ready for inspection, when they already knew he had shipped a rifle to Alaska. Should the jury have known this? Of course! Why does he need to send a rifle across the country right after Chad was murdered? His daughter needed a rifle to live in Alaska and couldn’t obtain one there? Sounds kind of funny doesn’t it? The point Ground D is making is that you can’t knowingly lie to a jury, PERIOD.

What I find more curious than the DA’s blatant violation of the law, is the possibilities this story opens. 

1. No one actually knew how many guns Baker owned. He says he owns two 30 caliber rifles when he actually may have had 5. Only he knows. 

2. Did he ship the rifle to Alaska because it was used to kill Chad? We will never know because the White Earth police never tried to find out. The only firearm they tested was Ken Andersen’s. They never tested any of Al Baker’s guns. Ken’s guns were not a match. Why? Because he did not kill Chad.

3. Why wasn’t a detailed inventory of the firearms in Chad’s house done to see if one was missing. Since firearm sales are registered, it would have easy to see if one was missing and if it was the one Baker shipped to Alaska. 

One only has to read portions of this blog to have enormous doubt that justice occurred inside this courthouse. The definition of doubt is “a feeling of uncertainty or skepticism”. 

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