If you support this cause that Ken Andersen has been wrongly convicted and want him to be given a fair trial like any other American, then you can buy a hat or tee shirt that displays “FREE KEN ANDERSEN” inside the Native American Ojibwe plate. The shirt even carries the blog address.  It is a simple way to spread the conversation that Ken must be proven innocent and set free. It is very easy to order:

1. The FKA Hat is $25 including shipping.

2. The FKA tee shirt including the blog address is $25 including shipping.

3. Simply order by email- jkb817@gmail.com

Please give your name, address, and email. Select what you want and if it is a shirt, please give size (all are available) and quantity.

Payment is to be made at paypal.com-Send Money Send the payment to jkb817@gmail


Once payment is received the hats or shirts will arrived in 10-14 days

Order soon and wear this cause everywhere you go!

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