Candidates for political office love to say they will defend the Constitution and its precepts to the death. This sounds great but is mostly bullshit. One of the intents the writers and supporters were advocating was a rebellion against unfair treatment by tyrants with great power. Our courts have become a place for egotistical bullies to flex their great power and inflict fear on the lesser citizens. We are taught in history classes that we have certain “inalienable” rights that can not be taken away. The story of Ken Andersen shows that in practice that no longer applies. So, those of you that can crow the all the words of the Star Spangled Banner should join this cause and support the release of this innocent man. The courts have done more damage to our freedom than the terrorists ever will.

Here is Ground G, the last item on the list of why Ken Andersen, as an American citizen, should be granted a new trial. The Constitution guarantees it.

File0541     File0542

When Ken was convicted of First Degree Murder he was given a life sentence, that he is serving in a maximum security prison. Under federal and state laws he is guaranteed an appeal. Ken pleaded for a public defender who in turn told him the court would not let his court appointed attorney see any discovery in his case.

The State Supreme Court of Minnesota continues to be fine with this. God Bless America!

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