Ground C- Al Baker And The Murder Weapon

Here is GROUND C of the next set of facts that certainly show not only does Ken Andersen need to be retried, it also proves my own theory of what really happened. If you read “The Best Theory” on this blog, then this will make sense.

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There are two stories here. One is how the Becker County DA, with the help of the wily law breaking of Al Zdrazil, withheld evidence in order to indict Ken Andersen. Once you can indict someone you are almost home free because the public holds that if you are indicted for murder, you must be guilty. 

In 1963, the US Supreme Court ruled in Brady v. Maryland, the prosecution can not with hold evidence that is material to either guilt or innocence. The DA admitted they did exactly that and the judge scolds them with a “don’t be doing that now, hear?”  That will not remedy the violation of the Brady Law. Only  new trial will do that.

The second story here is the mysterious actions of one Al Baker. About a year ago, I talked to Baker on the phone. He gave me specific instructions of how maple syrup is made. He also gave me some very strange ideas of why he thought Ken Andersen should stay in prison. He seemed to know very little of Becker County’s theory of the stolen atv and how Chad was shot.

Al Baker has never given a straight answer as to why he did not meet Chad at the maple stand at 8am. He gives several shaky accounts as to what he did for the two hours between and 8am and when he suddenly pops up on his atv along the trail to where Chad was murdered. Now I personally do not believe Baker was involved in Chad’s murder. Common sense would tell you he did arrive at around 8 bearing sandwiches and not seeing Chad went to his house, where he lies dead. 

I do believe that Leslie Fain talked Baker into helping cover up the real murderer and assist them in transporting his body out to the maple stand. When questioned about his many firearms, Al Baker admits to shipping one to Alaska for very weak reasons. I do believe he finished the cover up by getting rid of the murder weapon. This explains why the bullets and rifle used in Ken’s trial was not a match. They were not used to kill Chad. The murder weapon was in Alaska at one time, but the prosecution never took the trouble to go and find it. It will match the ballistics, that I am sure. Come back Friday for more.

Ground B- Finger Prints And Bullets

The prosecution tried to tie some very shaky “hard evidence” to Ken Andersen, in order to convict him. The second reason Ken deserves a new, fair trial; one that follows the rule of law, is this doubtful testimony. Here is Ground B of why he did not get a fair trial.

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Nathan Pearlson, a BCA agent, got on the stand at a murder trial to help the Becker County DA blame Ken Andersen for the killing of Chad Swedberg. Pearlson is supposed to be a firearm and bullet examiner. The problem here is that he didn’t actually examine the evidence laying on the table there in the court room. Paul Sabo didn’t either. Sabo, a tech for the Winchester-Owen Corporation, was sent an “image” to take a look and then sent Pearlson an email with his “opinion”.  The first problem here is who-in-the-hell-is Paul Sabo? Is he qualified to examine bullets used in a murder or a firing range? The judge doesn’t care and allows this crap. The second problem is that Sabo is not a “live” witness and this report has to be thrown out, according to the US Supreme Court, if that means anything. Sabo can not be cross-examined and breaks the rule of a fair trial. The next issue is the latent prints on the rifle that lies on the table. No second verifier was never identified. They just said “trust me”, it was verified a second time. Again this is “hearsay” evidence and can not be used in a trial. 

The legal definition is “As a general rule, hearsay evidence of a fact is not admissible. If any fact is to be substantiated against a person, it ought to be proved  in his presence by the testimony of a witness sworn or affirmed to speak the truth.” The bottom line here is that the only fix for this shattering of the rule of law that has no exceptions is a NEW TRIAL.

The most absurdity of this testimony is the evidence they are putting forth was bullshit anyway. The bullets were never proved to be the same kind as that were fired from the rifle they found, and no one saw Ken Andersen shoot the rifle and kill Chad. It was only a theory and they were  never able to prove this in court. The jury had plenty of reasonable doubt. Why did you vote to convict an innocent man?

See you Wednesday!

Ken Andersen Deserves A New Trial #2


Ken Andersen has was wrongly convicted for the murder of Chad Swedberg legally by a court of law who ignored the facts and truth of the case. They even broke the law to get a jury to give him a life sentence while the true killer remains free to live in Minnesota and the ones who covered up the crime keep silent. I say let freedom ring for Ken Andersen and give him a new trial, one that is fair and does not ignore the facts. How can this happen? Well thanks to our fabulous American justice system that we go to war to defend, it is not very easy. If the true killer would come forward and confess right now, Ken would still be in prison. Once a jury puts someone there, they are royally screwed. I will show you the numerous grounds for an appeal to win a new trial that the State Supreme Court has already denied, as they most always do. Their chief function is to rubber stamp as many cases as possible because they never want to admit the courts are ever wrong. Because of this position, Minnesota has a higher degree of wrongful convictions. This does not bother the ones who do this at all. I will never understand that.

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The three pages above are GROUND A of Ken’s appeal.  We begin by hearing that Geraldine Bellanger, Ken’s mother was told by Ken and Lisa Swedberg that the morning of Chad’s murder, a blue pick up was parked in the driveway of Chad’s house. They believe it was Morningstar Bellcourt’s boyfriend’s truck. This was new evidence that was not presented in the trial nor was it part of Leslie Fain’s story that morning. It was not presented by Ken or Lisa Swedberg either. 

I personally find this testimony to be odd and strange that Ken Swedberg was telling this TWO years after his brother was murdered. Is he telling the truth when he says he believes this may be a part of how his brother died.  Was Ken involved in the cover-up of what really happened that day and making this up to relieve his guilty conscience? Was Morning Star’s boyfriend there and helping cover up what Thomas Covington did? If you are one of the 12 who voted to convict Ken Andersen, wouldn’t you like to know? You took a man’s freedom away for the rest of his life, wouldn’t you like to be sure?

Ken Andersen Deserves A New Trial

I want to say thank you to all the new readers who are helping spread the message that Ken Andersen is innocent of the crime he was railroaded into by a the Becker County DA. While I have been away the blog has, as of this morning, 2095 readers! 

If you have taken the time to read every single posting, then you are convinced that the picture above of Lady Justice is correct. She was blindfolded and could not see the overwhelming amount of truth that was in her scale. What now? The next thing that needs to be done, has to be done, is she needs to take off her blindfold and give Ken a new, fair, trial. On Friday I will begin to make the case as to the exact reasons why his trial was one of the biggest messes in US history. Those who are responsible should be ashamed and do something about this. Minnesota justice? That’s a laugh. Minnesota has used its power to put an innocent man in prison. See you Friday!