For the past several months I have posted a large volume of court and police documents that lead to the conclusion that Ken Andersen was wrongly convicted of murdering his best friend, Chad Swedberg. Many of you have shared the blog until there are now over 3,000 readers who know the truth. 

However, Ken remains in prison and has been turned down by the State Supreme Court. Thankfully, he still has other options, but as the years go by, the money to do this is now gone. 


I will continue to update the blog as news comes in, but the truth is on here. We can not allow this to take place anymore.

One thought on “It’s Up To You!

  1. I was just been released from MCF Rush City were I had the honor to meet and spend the last 6 months of my prison sentence with Ken “FUDDY” Andersen. He is a great man and strong voice for The Native Community. My Prayers and Thoughts go out to Fuddy and his Family. May the Great Spirit be with Him, his family, and all that support him.

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