Last Sunday night (1-6-3013), I talked to Ken on the phone from the prison he is being wrongfully incarcerated. He sounded upbeat and positive that he will eventually exonerated and returned to his life and family. We talked about a number of subjects, from the details of the morning Chad Swedberg was found dead, to the West Memphis 3, to the necklace he made me for Christmas.

Ken’s case is at the Supreme Court level again and he is hopeful that at least 4 of them have a conscience and can see his trial was a complete legal mess. The main two elephants in the room are the FACT that the prosecution had no evidence tying Ken to the murder. The second FACT was the lack of any real motive to commit such an act. Ken thinks we may know what their ruling is on a month or so.

Please don’t give up this fight. It could be any of us in the same situation if the police come with intimidation and false theories. What can you do? Share this blog with the complete facts on the actual police and court documents. Write Ken a letter and tell him you support his innocence. Ken’s family is still going through this every single day, just like he is. It’s good to pray, but better to ACT!



7600 525th street

Rush City Mn 55069

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