Ken called me on Sunday night and we talked about his week. His job is cleaning the corridors. He sounded upbeat, but I can hear how these days are hard in his voice. The weather is too bad to go outside so he is inside all the time. We talked about the rifle the police “found” in his barn after 3 searches of his property with dozens of cops looking. I have always found it very fishy they finally knew to lift of rafters of the barn to take what they would claim was the murder weapon.

The problem was that when the prosecutors put their own experts were sworn in under oath, they said the following:

1. They really could not determine exactly what caliber of weapon shot and killed Chad Swedberg.

2. The rifle they “found” in Ken’s barn could not be connected to the bullet fragments, so they told the jury to just believe they were right(they did).

My question is how did the rifle get up in the barn? The police found multiple prints on the rifle that included a partial of Ken’s palm. The other prints were ignored. Since the gun was obviously planted, who did it? Where did they obtain the gun?

I talked to Ken about his suspicions and promised to look into it. If the gun was planted and still wasn’t the murder weapon, where is the murder weapon now?

Stay tuned for more…..

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