Ken Andersen Says “Thanks To All OF You!”

Last night, March 24, I got to talk to Ken on the phone. After his recent loss of the appeal, I wondered how he would sound and what I might say that wouldn’t sound stupid or some meaningless cliché. Ken sounded strong and very good. He knows that he is innocent and one of the things that give him hope is all of you. He asked me to say thanks for all of you for your prayers and support. It really makes a difference. If you have recently written him and he has not responded, Ken asked me to let you know he is going through a process of trying to gather his thoughts and new ideas and will write you soon.

We talked about new ideas and there are more venues, such as Federal Court for him to ask for help. Minnesota Courts have become a rubber stamp for the local courts and almost NEVER grant an appeal. They don’t look at anything but what the prosecutors have said and have no intention of saying the system makes mistakes. Even when confronted with these mistakes, these judges ignore anything that contradicts these courts. Because of this cancerous stand, Minnesota has become a huge bastion of wrongful convictions that have little hope of being corrected. Why has the legal system in this wonderful state chosen to be on the wrong side of so many cases. I have no answer.

Ken Andersen deserves our help and we need to continue to fight. There are things beginning to surface now that I will be able to tell you about soon. I would add that I believe the tribal leaders for the White Earth People need to take a hard look at the police they hire. Your people have been screwed long enough without you aiding more. I ask the tribe to get involved with Ken’s case and use your influence and compassion to help one of your own.