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In the next two weeks, this blog will be upgraded to have brand new challenges to the wrongful conviction of Ken Andersen. I will be sharing some new features as well. The NEW EVIDENCE that will appear is audio. For some time I have had many audio recordings that the police made interviewing anyone that had knowledge of the killing of one CHAD SWEDBERG. The tapes were poor and hard to hear and understand completely. I even thought the police may have purposely made them so badly they were of no use. Lately, I have found software to enhance the sound and quality to where they are clear and loud. I have over 40 different tapes and will upload ALL of them in the coming weeks. You will be able to hear what was actually said by those closest to Chad and the questions the police investigators asked. Much of these conversation never made it into the courtroom. What will become evident is that KEN ANDERSEN was not a suspect until the police became frustrated with failure to make an arrest, and then manufactured a theory to railroad him. You can hear their actual voices and the journey they were on. Come back soon!

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