We now hear the words of Chad’s brother and neighbor. I think you will be surprised at what he said just hours after his brother was killed.




This is more of a text book police interview: What did you do today? Let us see your guns. Do you know anyone who wanted to harm Chad? They build a timeline for him and try to sort out the gaps. They just want to eliminate him by listing his guns. The cops actually kind of treat Ken as a suspect and make him even a little jumpy. They do not treat him with kid gloves. However, when he does tell them that Tommy Covington threatened to kill Chad at the same funeral of a young relative he had just slain, they cops seem to ignore him and just go on questioning him as if he told them about working with his bees. Are you kidding me? When the brother of a murdered citizen hands you a person on a silver platter and you do nothing except help that person with an alibi and ask him soft ball questions, well, that seems a little odd to me. What if he had said “Well, I think Ken Andersen did it,” would they have also ignored that? The police had every right to go and arrest Thomas Covington on first degree murder charges and I do believe he would have told you what happened to the late Chad Swedberg. 

Another strange fact is that the judge at Ken Andersen’s trial would not allow any references to Tommy Covington. Why? This might provide reasonable doubt in their case to convict Ken Andersen. If you were a juror and heard this, would have still voted to convict? If you were a juror on this trial, I think you know by now that you helped put an innocent man in prison.

4 thoughts on “Kenneth Swedberg

  1. This makes me think really who else was involved but fud did help steal the atvs and chad did say they did this togethet and fud burned fuzzys cafe he was on meth and why did he keep telling everyone he was in fargo doinq taxes when noone really ask him!! So my question who else helped kenny kill such a kind hearted man

  2. This makes me laugh!! Kenny is nothing but a murder give it up fess up fud we all know you did it.!!!! Leslie is a good women and loved chad… you will not be free your doing your time you deserve!!!

    1. Wow sounds like maybe your guilty of something here. If Leslie is such a GOOD WOMAN then why did she double his life insurance the same day he is died??????HMMMMM. There is proof of that. There is a copy of her check she made out to American Family Insurance. Sounds like your part of her family to write things like this. What was your involvement in this? In time it will show that Fud is not a murder and he will be a free man in time there anonymous in time. I know Fud and he is a great person and he would never stoop this low and murder his friend, YES BEST FRIEND

  3. Thanks corey.lauguard@hotmail and s.marie.l@hotmail for your comments. By the way, it is spelled anonymous not anomous.

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