After the police talked to Ken Swedberg, they called in Lisa, his wife.


This is a short interview, only 14 minutes and Lisa doesn’t seem to shed any new light on who may have murdered Chad. During the course of the interview, she sounds light-hearted and even flippant with her answers. Talking to the police right after her brother-in-law was murdered next door to her doesn’t seen to trouble her at all. Lisa definitely avoids talking about Leslie Fain, “we don’t see eye to eye”. She never explains what that means and the cops don’t ask. When asked by the cops what her gut instinct tells her, she repeats what her husband says, “someone in that house did it, Tommy Covington.” Each time someone mentions him, the police are quick to  add, “but he was on that bus”, as if to say there is no way he could have done it. I find that strange, very strange. The cops seem befuddled about what or who to talk to next. This, like the previous ones, never mentions the name – Ken Andersen.



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