Ken Andersen

It’s time we heard from Ken himself. This interview took place two days after Chad was killed.



Did you notice how friendly the police were to Ken? With all the noise at the beginning and end of these tapes, I realized the cops are probably not telling the ones they are interviewing that they are being recorded. They never mention that or ask for permission. The police ask Ken the same question they asked Kenneth and Lisa Swedberg – “Who do you think may have done this?” Ken’s answer is the same as theirs, “I think someone in that house did this.” 

Ken’s account of his own timeline stays exactly the same throughout the investigation and the trial. His story never changes. He sounds calm and even helpful as he willingly seems to try and help them. He answers all their questions and doesn’t dodge any subject. If you are a resident of the White Earth community, I ask you to consider this. Do you really think that Ken Andersen got up on April 13, 2007, made several phone calls, walked 2 miles through muddy terrain, killed his best friend in cold blood, walked back carrying a rifle, and hid the rifle, all before 9am? Neither do I.

Curt Bevins

By now you have heard the police interview Leslie Fain, Al Baker, Kenneth Swedberg, and Lisa Swedberg. None of them think Ken Andersen had anything to do with Chad’s death. So, how did the police ever build a case against Ken? I will show you. I have several recordings of how they intimidated witnesses into saying Ken did it. This is a great example of how the cops tried and failed to get someone to say something that wasn’t true. This is Curt Bevins, Ken Andersen’s uncle. You will hear a dog barking for a while and also a diesel engine running, but the conversation is clear and understandable. 


Police “We have some information you may have had some conversation with Ken Andersen.”

Curt “About what?”

Police “About the homicide.”

Curt “We didn’t talk about that.”

Police “Have you talked to Mike LaDue?”

Curt “Not in years.”

Police “So, if I said you came over to Mike LaDue’s house and told him Ken had shot him (Chad), that would be a lie?”

Curt “Yes.”

They kept going at him for 20 minutes even after the veiled threats (you better tell the truth) and still would not lie for them. The Police pump him hard over and over, yet you never hear them come at Leslie Fain. Al Baker, Kenneth Swedberg, or Lisa Swedberg this way. Why?