Episode 8 is out on Spotify and it contains the actual conversations the police had with Ken Andersen as they began to frame him for Chad Swedberg’s murder. The tape is almost an hour long and is heard quite clearly but is better with headphones or earbuds.

The Ken Andersen Story – Episode Guide

The Ken Andersen Story Podcast is available on Spotify.

Episode 1 – April 13, 2007. Delve deep into the events in White Earth, Minnesota, when a man was killed in cold blood.

Episode 2 – April 13, 2007 – Part Two. This episode finishes off the tragic day Chad Swedberg was murdered.

Episode 3 – The Police Investigate. A real life look at how the police investigate the crime of murder. You will be surprised it’s not like on televison or movies.

Episode 4 – Tension with the police. You hear how police treat Native Americans on the reservation. Liz Andersen gives her account of Chad’s murder.

Episode 5 – Al Baker- We meet Al Baker, the man Chad had an appointment to see the morning he was killed.

Episode 6 – “The Motive” – find out what the cops dreamed up to use as a motive to try Ken Andersen for Chad Swedberg’s murder.

Episode 7 – “The Motive” Part 2 – we conclude with the weak and false motive used against Ken Andersen. Mike LaDue calls in to tell his account of the stolen ATV amd more.