This blog is devoted to the truth that Ken Andersen was wrongly convicted for the murder of Chad Swedberg.

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  1. I was just in MCF Rush City with “Fuddy” and my Prayers and thoughts go out to Fuddy and his family. “Fuddy” is a great man and I have benefited from the time I spent with him in a place HE DOES NOT BELONG! May the Great Spirit be him and his family.

  2. This should become a movie….. tribal police, county sherriff’s office, it’s a tradgedy for Ken, yet a victory for a corrupt pd and sherriff’s office.

  3. I read about this case in the Fargo form.( At that time I knew no one in the area)
    I said no one would kill there best life time friend over the theft of an ATV.. now I hear other have come forward to claim they stoled the ATV in question.

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