This blog is devoted to the truth that Ken Andersen was wrongly convicted for the murder of Chad Swedberg.

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  1. I was just in MCF Rush City with “Fuddy” and my Prayers and thoughts go out to Fuddy and his family. “Fuddy” is a great man and I have benefited from the time I spent with him in a place HE DOES NOT BELONG! May the Great Spirit be him and his family.

  2. This should become a movie….. tribal police, county sherriff’s office, it’s a tradgedy for Ken, yet a victory for a corrupt pd and sherriff’s office.

  3. I read about this case in the Fargo form.( At that time I knew no one in the area)
    I said no one would kill there best life time friend over the theft of an ATV.. now I hear other have come forward to claim they stoled the ATV in question.

  4. I watched “Reasonable Doubt” “My Best Friend’s Murder.” The show did Ken Andersen no justice. From the beginning of the one hour show, I was shocked that little to no evidence could convict a person. My theory is: Chad’s wife needs to be looked at extensively. Her 911 call is troubling. “I heard two shotgun blasts this morning and I don’t know where they came from.”No one asked her where it came from. Why did she feel compelled to add that? I don’t know the sound difference between a shotgun, rifle, but she noted the shotgun. Again, more information than asked for and not necessary when a fatal accident needs immediate attention. The rifle in question has never been definitely proven to be the murder weapon nor the bullets proven to be from that gun because they were so damaged. If that was the only element that sent Ken to prison and those issues were not proven, that’s easily injustice. Were there no finger prints taken from the gun when it was found?The show showed a snippet of paper that Chad either bought or was given this gun from Ken six months earlier. Chad’s wife was probably aware of this and could have framed Ken by using this particular gun and then “planting” it back on his property. “Reasonable Doubt” questioned friends and acquaintances but not the most important person–Chad’s wife. They didn’t question police or lawyers on the show either. Was the defense incompetent? Not insisting on Native Americans being on the jury is ludicrous. Ken said he got a ride to see about a loan that morning. Was his alibi checked? Was the wife’s phone checked to see incoming & outgoing calls, etc? Was the area from which the shots were fired checked for evidence such as DNA, shell casings, etc.?Would love to see the entire case file. An Innocence Project should take this case. Unimaginable if an innocent person is being incarcerated. I firmly feel that this man was “railroaded.”

    1. I also watched reasonable doubt and had issues with the recording of chads wifes 911 call. She states hes laying there and theres something wrong with him. Not that hes dead! and then talks about hearing shots earlier. Very strange. I agree a closer look at the wife is warranted.

  5. I just watched the episode of Reasonable Doubt and it was very heartbreaking and sad to see the mother fighting so hard to free her son from prison. I was surprised how the jury could convict him so easily just from owning a rifle. It was suspicious that Chad’s wife was never interviewed about any of this and they did not suspect anyone else. Why did the police choose Ken as the first suspect so quick? He could have been set up if someone hid the rifle in his barn. Something just doesn’t seem right about all this. I hope you guys can somehow get him a new trial. If he truly was wrongfully convicted, that is very sad how long he’s spent his life in prison while the true murderer can still be out there. . .

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