The Fight Continues

Ken Andersen’s fight to prove his innocence has never taken a break or surrendered. If you are new to this true story of a man who was wrongly convicted of murder, I urge you to start at the beginning of this blog and see the pieces fit together that prove Ken Andersen did not kill Chad Swedberg.

The latest round of appeals to the so-called justice system has been countless petitions from Ken and his attorney introducing dozens of instances where his trial was deeply flawed and prejudiced plus a list of new evidence. So far the state of Minnesota has ignored all of this and just repeated the trial transcripts as if they are Biblical and calling Ken a liar. All of this is now done and will soon go before the Supreme Court of Minnesota. There is new hope there as a new member of the court has joined them, and there must someone willing to read this petition and not just  parrot the wrong ideas from the trial. Here is Ken’s attorney’s latest petition and Ken’s own brief he penned that will got before the court.

Pro Se Reply Brief

Appellant’s Reply Brief

The State Responds to Ken Andersen’s New Evidence


After requesting and getting several extensions, the State of Minnesota has finally responded to Ken’s new evidence and motion for a new trial. They title it “RESPONDENT’S MEMORANDUM OF LAW IN SUPPORT OF ANSWER TO PETITION FOR POST-CONVICTION RELIEF”. I have included the entire 57 pages of the document in this post. It should be called “The state’s inflexible “THEORY”  of the same half-truths and ignoring of new evidence in order to keep Kenneth Andersen behind bars because we really don’t know who killed Chad Swedberg and at this point we really don’t want to know and have to admit we are wrong.”

They begin by calling the first section “Andersen’s Murder of Chad Swedberg”. That leaves little room for doubt that they want a judge to believe them and not consider they may have it wrong. As they tell their version of this, notice the “state”, or whoever wrote this, still admits that no one actually saw the murder, or did anyone confess to it. Since they had nothing new, they simply re-tell the same story the original prosecutor did. This is after some notable attempts at intimidation, once again of some of these witnesses.

They still claim the ATV was enough of a motive for Ken to kill his best friend. They repeat once again Ken’s activities the day of murder without ever placing him at the scene. They NEVER  mention Leslie Fain’s doubling of her husband’s life insurance the day of the murder.

They still don’t know the caliber of the gun that was used. They suppose everything John MacArthur said is true and everything Ken said to be a lie.Folks, you can not arrive at the truth with this much prejudice. This type of justice will put an innocent man in prison, and let a murderer go free. 

They try to squash the fact of the 911 domestic call that morning.

While they admit they wiretapped Ken’s calls to his lawyer, they claim it still doesn’t matter, no matter how illegal it is.

Some of most incredible things in this document is how they claim Al Baker’s statement he saw shell casings and cigarette butts at the scene, by saying “just because he said it doesn’t mean it happened”. They go on the dismiss Stacy Weaver’s statement saying he saw Leslie Fain the morning of the murder ( making everything else she said untrue), by claiming this all comes to late and should not be considered because it is over the time limit.


I plea with the citizens of White Earth to demand a new  and fair trial and let a new jury, one with Native Americans, consider the whole truth, not just parts of it, and decide if these facts matter.

Click on the link below to read it.


Kenneth Swedberg’s Story

Here is Kenneth Swedberg’s version of what he remembered the morning his brother was murdered. You can also listen to his interview on this blog. See 2-16-15. One of the many things that is remarkable is that he doesn’t know who might have done this. Ken Andersen was not a suspect during all these interviews. He only became a viable suspect when law enforcement decided he was, no one else did.



Al Baker’s Story

This blog contains a lot of information about Mr. Baker and his various versions of the events of Chad Swedberg’s murder. Listen to the  blog post of February 9, 2015, and hear  a 46 minute audio interview he gives law enforcement. Below is a summary of some of the many things he has said. You can not read and listen to all his “facts” and not feel he knows more than he does about the murder of Chad Swedberg. Ken Andersen deserves a new trial and Al Baker should be put on the stand to answer ALL he knows about this tragedy





So why did she lie?


Last week I posted the testimony of Leslie Fain. Below is the testimony of Stacy Weaver. His story has been vetted and he remains steadfast in that he saw Leslie, Jesse, and her brother the morning Chad was killed. How is this possible? This is the very time she claimed to be at home watching Chad leave to his fate. Why did she omit this early morning outing? What was she doing?